How To Use LDS Genealogy To Find Your Ancestors


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is unrivaled in the area of genealogical research. The Latter-day Saints Genealogy has an extensive data base known as the International Genealogical Index (ICI) which can be used by LDS members and non-members through the family search lds websites. Aside from this, the LDS church owns family history centers and a Central Library to further facilitate anyone’s search. The International Genealogical Index is an extensive registry of surnames that are documented in the LDS family history centers.

To use the LDS Genealogy in finding your ancestors, it is good to familiarize yourself with the process of the research first. You begin by completing a form where you input essential data for the data base search. The information to be completed includes the name of a deceased relative, the person’s birth and location, the parents’ name, and the spouse’s name if the person is married. All these relevant information will be used to begin the search for any available record on one’s ancestry. Accuracy in the information you fill in is important because the data base itself contains a huge amount of information and detail.

In order to make the LDS Genealogy system accessible for everyone, the community established more than 3,400 Family History Centers in around 64 different regions. The centers contain records in microfilm that includes church records, census details like the sex, age and occupation of persons in a particular area, immigrants’ records and other important information regarding genealogy. In the United States, family history centers are instituted in the largest cities as well as in smaller communities.

Family history centers are commonly located in the LDS church buildings. The LDS Genealogy centers are built like libraries that contain vital genealogy resource materials and information to aid anyone doing their search. People who come for a visit to do their research are allowed to use the centers for free. The people who will be doing their own research are not only welcomed in the center, they are also assisted by LDS volunteers whose only desire is to ease the burden of doing an extensive research about one’s family tree on such a huge amount of records. The volunteers can offer advice and are available to answer any of your concerns and inquiries.

In some cases, records may not be available in a particular center. If this happens, you can always make a request to borrow your needed records with the help of any center volunteers. The volunteer will then assist you by communicating your request to other centers. It may take a few weeks for your requested information to arrive at your local center. Nevertheless, once the needed information gets to you, the center will give you sufficient time to use it for your research. If you need more time, you can still borrow the records you used for a specified time.

Your search can also be facilitated through the use of free Genealogy websites. This is a helpful option for people who live in regions that have no family history center locations.

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What is the Best Genealogy Software?


The best Genealogy software is one that is equipped with the right method of documenting the subjects of the research.  The data recorded should include the names of the subjects, the events in their lives and the accurate dates of the events, and the relationships like marriages and other details related to that.  Sources and evidences should also be documented in order to support the data that is initially recorded.

The best Mormon Genealogy software is able to support and authenticate huge records of individual persons, the date of birth, marriages in the family, death and burial accounts.  Other significant events that are included should also be supported with the particular dates, locations as to region and localities and other sources that can be relied upon for accuracy.

GRAMPS or Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System can be considered the best genealogy software.  The software is an open source of genealogy system and can be availed for free.  It can be operated on any program that supports Python which primarily includes Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

To search for your ancestry through LDS Genealogy, you will need to supply yourself with the most accurate data that will enable you to accomplish your LDS family search for your family tree with ease.  GRAMPS is the software that allows you to check out and explore important information without much difficulty.  You can search through numerous names of people, relationships, families, sources, event dates and places and filter them down to just exactly what you are looking for.

In the software, locations are categorized according to street, city, region and also the specific church community.  Difficulties in searching for locations can be further facilitated by using alternate locations to make it more specific.  In addition, notes, evidences, sources and internet links can be connected to your specific place.  Now if there are significant events that occurred in certain places they are also displayed and can be used as source of information to discovering your genealogy.

In GRAMPS, dates that are specified support different types of calendars like the Islamic calendar or the Gregorian calendar to name a few.  The specified dates may be regular, or just calculated and estimated.  The software does not include a date calculator so manual calculations may have to be done for certain milestones or occurrences like calculating the age of a person when he/she died on a specified date based on the date of birth.

GRAMPS maintains and supports various parent relationships like adoptive parents.  The software also supports same sex parents but specifics have to be followed so that one parent may be labeled as the father and the other as the mother.  Being identified as parents though does not presume all at once that marriage took place between couples so it is best that it is specified.

The software installation may be quite complicated.  It takes a specific process to install the required programs in a particular order.  To ease up the installation process, you may opt to use the all-in-one installation if you are using Windows or check out and try the Portable Apps website.

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Top 10 LDS Genealogy Websites


Doing research for one’s ancestry used to be a burdensome, if not, an impossible task to accomplish in the past.  Most people are at a loss as to how and where they should begin the search.  In these modern times, you can actually do it conveniently right in the comfort of your own home by simply typing a few keys on your computer.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is unrivaled in this field.  LDS Genealogy is a system that has enabled millions to discover their family tree.  To start you off on this journey of discovery, here is a list of the top 10 LDS Genealogy websites.

Family Search or is considered the latter day saints Genealogy library.  The site has the largest collection of documents and records of family history across the globe.  Their collection of resources and other important data on genealogy is accessible online for free.  This website will be excellent for beginners because you will be guided as you go along with your search.  There are also family history libraries that can be found in different regions and the one nearest to your location can definitely connect you to the main library.  Your family search lds local library can assist you if you need to request for some records or documents in microfilms from the main library.

Cyndi’s List or is an extensive list of websites related to the LDS community.  This site will also work best for beginners.  In this site you will find data and web links on LDS Genealogy in your particular region and other related documents.  Cyndi’s List is a site personally created by an individual where web links are put together and the site itself is updated regularly.  If you are new on this task of researching for your descent, the site offers helpful tips on how to go about it.

Mormon Site or is a site with LDS web links that were developed by Allen Leigh.  The site contains a variety of interesting information on various subjects which include topics on genealogy.

Genealogy Links or is a site which contains information on genealogy, past and actual events and data on immigration.  It also contains references on LDS (Utah).

LDS and Utah Records or is a website for the residents of Utah who wants to discover their family tree and history.  The site has various resources that will be most helpful for those who wish to do their own research.

My LDS Links or is another entry point website for different LDS web links.  The links are organized according to specific subject matter.

LDS Index or is a directory of web sites related to LDS Genealogy.

LDS Internet Resource or is a site that contains topics on family history and other LDS subjects on different activities, clip-art, lessons and talks.

LDS Rankings or is another directory of various LDS websites which also include those that deal with genealogy.

Kip Sperry Links or  is also included among the free Genealogy websites with a list of genealogy related links and databases.

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How to Do an LDS Family Search?


To begin with your LDS family search, it is important to know where and how you can find helpful information and documents on LDS Genealogy.

You can get this basic information by beginning your search through the use of any free Genealogy websites where huge collections of genealogy records can be used for free.  You will be initially supplied with indexes, searches, numerous recorded data and resource materials to start you off.  You can simply browse through the several websites available and see which one closely matches and answers your search objectives.

Your goal here is to collect as many information as you can regarding your family tree.  You may want to begin your search with yourself as it is where you are most familiar with and it is less complicated to begin with.  Your parents are the ones nearest you so you can definitely obtain some important data from them.  Begin with your father and your mother and then continue on to their parents.  Your grandparents and everyone else living in their generation can really help you.  It may take some amount of time and effort but the search will prove to be a fruitful and humbling experience once you get to know your lineage through these people.

Having supplied yourself with all the basic information from your parents, you are now moving one step forward in your search.  Going through the LDS Genealogy system will be an easier phase for you.  Mormon genealogy is a system that contains vital information like names, date and place of birth, list of family members, record of marriages, details of spouses and also death records.  Location of villages and regions where your forefathers and ancestors lived during their lifetime will also guide you through the lineage that you are tracing and discovering.

Genealogy centers have databases that contain a vast number of information so it may take you a lot of time if the details of your search are incomplete or have erroneous information.  Check the accuracy of dates and locations, check to see also if you spelled names and surnames correctly.  These seemingly minor mistakes can actually affect your search a great deal and it may even get zero results for you eventually.

The use of free Genealogy software is another effective method of doing your family search.  The software provides an approach for recording names, marriages and family events.  This information is further supported by sources and documentations that support the recorded data.  The best thing about this free software is that it has a vast and comprehensive record of individual persons, birth dates, marriages, deaths and other important events.  The events specifically include the dates when they took place and the exact locality or district where it happened.

LDS Genealogy centers provide you with all the necessary information that you need to begin with your search free of charge.  The data you get is supported by a vast compilation of genealogical resources and research centers that are available across the globe.  Even if you have very limited knowledge of your ancestral history, the search will prove to be a successful endeavor for you.

What is the LDS Genealogy?


The LDS Genealogy is a facility provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for anyone who is trying to find his/her ancestry.  In early times, only monarchies and great leaders are granted such opportunity.  Today, with the help of free Genealogy websites, anyone who wishes to research  their family tree, gain knowledge on the life of his/her ancestors and acquire other significant details of a family’s history can do so with the simple system that the community provides.

With the family search LDS research facility that the community provides every vital information and element that is necessary, including spiritual or scientific can easily be uncovered and determined.  The LDS Genealogy includes all areas beginning from the analysis and research on the births and the deaths of particular individuals who come from regal and royal origins up to those who are considered the lowest class in society.

In these modern times, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading data centers.  LDS Genealogy also provides data that is thorough and complete.  Joseph Smith initiated the latter day saints Genealogy with just a single individual.  To date, the center now has a record of more than 11 million people contained in an extensive data base.  Because of this, the center became one of the first choices by individuals who are researching their family history.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have successfully derived a system of copying, storing and providing security for the documents and records that have been found valuable and useful for anyone doing genealogy research.  These include the experts in the profession, the genealogists themselves, as well as family historians and researchers.

The LDS Genealogy is accessible at any LDS data centers and you can always go for a visit to familiarize yourself with the system.  But if there is no data center in your location or region, you can check it out on the LDS website.  It is good to note then that extensive record of marriages and baptisms, births and deaths in the LDS Genealogy data base are not exclusive to the LDS community only.  The records, in fact, cover other religious beliefs and denominations.  So anyone seeking to find their ancient roots is most welcome to avail of the system.

The vast data and document records were a result of the hard work and unfaltering commitment of Mormon genealogy researchers during the 20th century where all the collected records were transcribed to correspond with the alphabet of other languages and stored in microfilms.  It may have taken the said researchers many years to finish the task, but the result of their endeavor has become a valuable source of information for those of us who needs to trace our roots and see the greatness of our origin and descent.

Anyone who wishes to begin with this purposeful undertaking can begin by visiting the LDS website to get the help you need on how to effectively use the system and accomplish your search with ease.

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LDS Genealogy Tips


Getting started with your family tree through LDS Genealogy may prove to be a very fruitful and meaningful experience when you have the right amount of skills and the proper tools in doing it.  Here are some helpful tips to start you off.

Start with the right materials and resources to get your Genealogy files organized.  A ring binder notebook and a tabbed divider envelope can help you write down and organize your collected data and documents.  An electronic filing system is also important to make sure that your data and information is stored securely and safely.  Just remember that you write down the sources of your information and collected data for future reference.

Gather as much information as you can about your family.  It will be helpful to enter all the details that you are able to acquire into any downloadable Genealogy software.  The information that you need to collect should start with yourself, your parents and immediate family.  In detail, you need to record accurate data about family names, locations, dates of birth and death, marriages and significant events in the family.

To be able to gather all the information you need, you can start by interviewing your own family.  They can provide you with the most accurate data and documentations like certificates, licenses and even photographs.  You may be able to gather from them some interesting stories about your family and the generations ahead of you.  Just remember to keep everything on record so that you do not lose any vital information given to you.

Another good way to gather information is to search through the internet.  LDS Family Search is open to everyone who needs to get information about their ancestry whether they are LDS members or non-members.  The site will guide you through a step by step process on how you can successfully get every categorized information you need for your research.

Join any genealogical or historical society in your locality.  These groups can enhance your search through networking, learning new and up-to-date methods of doing your research, meeting new people and giving positive contribution to be of help to the group itself.  The members of the group can also provide you with your needed skills to become a good researcher on genealogy.

Publish the information you gathered through the internet.  With the right software, the task of publishing will be easier for you.  Publish information about your deceased ancestors and also the sources from where you gathered your data and evidences.  You may even be able to reach out to unknown relatives in doing so or be of help to someone who is also doing his/her search.

If during your search you find that you have reached such point when you can no longer find any other additional information that you can use for your Mormon genealogy, don’t give up just yet.  You can try getting accounts and data from your other relatives aside from your immediate family like your cousins, aunts or uncles.

Additional expert help can be given to you by talking to a professional genealogist.  Your task may even be simplified with their help and they can give you advice on other methods that you can use while working on your LDS Genealogy.

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How to Find LDS Genealogy Resources?


To find LDS Genealogy resources, you can either go online or personally visit any center that particularly deals with family tree research.  Either way, you can surely find resources that you can use for a relatively low price or even for free.  Here are some effective ways to get the best sources on latter-day saints Genealogy.

Visit the Genealogical or Historical Society in your locality.  The society is composed of professional genealogists and other experts in the field as well as amateurs who conduct regular meetings.  In this group, you will be able to avail of newsletters, use library facilities and even gain educational opportunities.  For a very reasonable membership fee, you will be able to access all the services that are being offered and participate in genealogy conferences and other special events.  This will provide you with sufficient skills on how to do your search for your ancestry.

Visit your local public library and get information from any authorized staff.  He/she may be able to supply you with reading materials and resources like genealogy books, handouts, journals, worksheets and even allow you to gain access to databases.  With all these available information you may eventually discover that the task of discovering your family tree is not really a tedious task but an exciting exploration to put your best efforts.

Join other groups like a Surname Association or a Family Association.  These groups will be able to provide you with documents, records, maps, photos and family histories that may be linked to one or more of your ancestors.  Membership costs for these groups are also very low.

Visit any Family Search or Family History Center nearest to your location.  The largest center which contains an extensive database of genealogical records is located in Utah.  However, there are centers that are situated in different regions across the globe so there is definitely one that is nearest you.  The family search lds center will enable you to get free access to books, microfilmed records from different countries and commercial databases.  The center has well trained and skilled volunteers that will be able to assist you during your research.

Check out those online Message Boards. is among the sites that have the largest message board.  It contains surname boards, regional boards, historical boards and other boards that can aid you in doing your search.  You can even search for other message boards in the exact regions and locations where your ancestors lived.  Other free Genealogy websites may also provide you with these boards.

Search through free databases, forms and charts that are available online.  These can help you organize your data and documents as well as your research history and communications and more.  You can download these charts and forms for free.

Take advantage of free genealogy newsletters online.  These excellent resources contain practical and helpful information on various topics like helping and hints on how to successfully do your own LDS Genealogy research.

Organize your family tree photos, data, stories and sources through any Family Tree Software programs that are available either for free or at a very affordable cost.

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How to Build a Family Tree with LDS Family Search?


To build a Family Tree with LDS Family Search, you can begin by specifying your name or the name of one of your family members.  This will start you off on your search because every single person who is identified with the name you specify will be presented to you.  The website  contains the most extensive database and is one of the most popular online services for genealogical research.  It can be used by anyone who wishes to trace their roots and discover their lineage free of charge.

Another way to begin your search for your genealogy is to identify the name of at least one deceased ancestor.  The website will automatically guide you as you set out on your search.  You will be supplied with a wide range of information and resources that will serve as your guide as you go along.  All the necessary data like names, birth dates, marriage events, death and other significant records will be presented to you and this will eventually narrow down your list to your own ancestry.

Family Search contains web links to a large collection of Mormon Genealogy resources and research centers that are located in different regions across the globe.  The website includes free online resources and links to significant records and documents such as census records, military records and immigration records.

The LDS Genealogy site also contains billions of names from more than 100 countries and regions.  This extensive list of names include those which can be found in the 1880 United States census, the 1881 British census as well as the 1881 Canadian census.  It also covers the Freedman bank records and the database of Ellis Island.

To do your family search, it will also be helpful to know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have a Family History Library.  This is situated in Salt Lake City, Utah which is the main site.  It is considered the largest LDS Genealogy library in the world and it contains a huge collection of records which includes names of the deceased from the earliest times.  It also contains data and documents from more than 100 regions including English church records from the 14th century and those from African histories.

To date, the library is visited by more than 2,000 people daily and that is not limited to visitors from the United States alone.  Some visitors come from Asia and Europe.

In addition to the main library in Utah, there are more than 4,000 family history centers in different regions worldwide.  The centers are situated inside LDS Church meeting houses.  The centers’ vision highlights the community’s desire to assist people and to teach them the step by step process of searching for their ancestors.  Their vision further reaches out to LDS members and non-members through the LDS volunteer staff who willingly share their time to serve others without charging them a single dime.

The church also offers free Genealogy software that is also accessible to anyone needing to do their research.  It is one of the best software in genealogical research and it helps researchers in organizing data and family history information.

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Why Mormon Genealogy is so Important?


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a community that is actively involved in genealogical research.  Members put a good amount of time and effort into this endeavor in order to discover their ancestry and in doing so, be able to create a strong and solid connection with their families in the past and in the present.

For most people, tracing one’s family tree may come as a form of a hobby but for Mormons, their persistence and fervor about the discovery of their ancestors is grounded on firm beliefs and a strong conviction.  Thus, the LDS Genealogy was created to provide a facility for anyone who wishes to find his/her roots.  This simple system, that can be used for free, will be able to facilitate LDS members and non-members to begin with their search and gain significant data that can lead them to the discovery of their lineage.

Mormon Genealogy is important because for this growing community, knowledge of the past, including that of our ancestors will for us and instill in us the distinctive values of our bloodline and will direct our journey and put meaning to our own lives.

According to the Scriptures, Elijah will return to prepare the Lord’s way.  The Lord’s coming will ultimately conquer all human separations and divisions and one day build bridges to create unity among all generations.  It will bind together deceased family members with the living.  Toward this vision, LDS Genealogy seeks to preserve the histories and share the memories of every family.  The community believes strongly that a life that is accurately documented will forever stay alive for many generations.

Mormons highly value genealogical research for another reason.  The Church teaches that “saving ordinances” namely Baptism, Confirmation, Endowment and Marriage, are a birthright and must be received by every person born on this earth.  But in the past, most of our ancestors were not afforded such opportunities for a number of reasons.  Thus, the latter-day saints Genealogy serves as a gateway to identifying our ancestors and in the process be able to fulfill for them the saving ordinances which they were not able to receive during their lifetime.

Mormons accomplish this by performing the ordinances for the deceased by proxy, where a living person, a family member, receives it in place of the deceased relative.  This takes place in the Mormon temple.  It is for these reasons that the family search lds task becomes a very significant part of the Mormons’ life of faith.

To be able to help out those who are just starting out in their search, free Genealogy websites are provided for free not only for LDS members but for the non-members as well.  These websites come with step by step guides on how to begin with their search to ensure that all efforts do not come to waste and that every search ends successfully.  The community stands firm in the belief that everyone deserves to know their roots in order to understand their past and their distinct humanity.

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Why is LDS Genealogy Important?


The LDS Genealogy is important because the system allows you to discover your roots and know your ancestors in the earliest times.  The realization of your distinctive lineage can open up new heights of self-discovery for you and can lead you to live a life that is truly worthy of your bloodline.  This will also enable you to clearly recognize the ideals that stand for your unique ancestry and ultimately focus your life choices on the values that were honored by all the members of your family tree.  Those are only some of the many reasons why the LDS family search is significant.

To explore further on the importance of the system, it will help to look closely into the doctrines imparted and lived by this community.  The LDS community is guided by the conviction and teaching that families and marriages will continue to exist beyond many generations and even beyond this lifetime.  It is for this truth that the LDS Genealogy seeks to unite and seal generations of families from their very beginnings up to the present.

The LDS Genealogy is also significant because it allows us to perform for our beloved dead the practices and ordinances which they may not have received during their lifetime.  As compared to the blessings we receive today through baptism, our ancestors may not have been fortunate enough to be sealed in the temple before they died.  And so by tracing back to the very first pages of our own family history, we will be able to accomplish what has not been carried out so that our parentage can receive the same blessings that we are able to live by today.

So the LDS Genealogy is not merely for the benefit of the living members of a generation of families.  Its significance flows forth as we go back to our roots, not only to treasure the values that we have from the beginning of time, but to pour forth the blessings that are endowed in the community to those who have left this earth but were unable to receive them.  The past may have been gone longer than we can remember, but the LDS Genealogy can aid us to explore and discover for ourselves the various ways of bridging the gap between our past and the future of our own families.

The Mormon genealogy is now recognized as one of the largest libraries on Genealogy and because of the vast storage of information and data that is contained in the system, the 13 million LDS members are now given the chance to discover their family descent.  The community, in fact, continues to exhort the members to begin doing their search and discover for themselves the wonderful experience of knowing where we came from and who are the significant people who make up our bloodline.

The system is further enhanced by the use of Genealogy software.  This software is provided by the LDS community to be used by individuals on their genealogy research.  The users are aided in organizing the records of their family history and are provided with the other significant details to facilitate their search.

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